Finishing Touches

Finishing touches will enhance and complete your window treatments. Choose from Pelmets, Valances or Swags & Tails.

Swags and tails
Goblet pleats
swags and tails
Draped swags and tails
shaped pelmet
Swags and tails
shaped pelmet
Draped swags and tails
draped swags
shaped pelmet


They can be used to hide window frames, cover an unsightly track or just make a statement, and by taking into consideration how contrasting and coordinating fabrics work together a window can transformed.

Finishing touches are made separately from the curtains/blinds and are usually fitted above the track or rail to a seperate board or rail. Each window design is unique so the size and shape will vary to fit your situation.


Pelmets made by Sartorial Soft Furnishings are a flat, sometimes shaped, piece of stiffened Buckram or mdf. They are slightly padded with interlining, covered in your chosen fabric and attached to a pelmet board along the top edge using hook and loop tape.

For added design detail you could chose to have a contrast border or emphasis the shape with braid or fringing trimming the lower edge.

Pelmets can be shaped to fit against irregular features such as a cornice or coving and are a good solution to hide unsightly areas.

Pelmets use very little fabric as there is no fullness. So if you like an expensive fabric, why not have the curtains made in a complementing cheaper fabric and treat yourself to a pelmet made in a designer one.



Generally a Valance is much softer than a pelmet and is usually gathered in some way.

Any of the headings used for curtains can be incorporated into a valance, and because it is static there is more opportunity for extra design details such as ropes, rosettes and trimmings.

Like Pelmets, a valance can be shaped along the bottom edge softening the rectanglar window shape. The top edge can be shaped to follow an arch or window frame but it would be difficult to shape around features such as coving.

An attached valance is a combination of curtain and valance. The curtains are made with an extra, shorter layer at the top which looks like a valance. The valance can be trimmed with braid or a border, it can even be shaped at the bottom  but as it moves with the curtain it won’t hide a track.

A valance will use more fabric than a pelmet because it requires some fullness- but not as much as curtains, so you could treat yourself to a valance made from an expensive designer fabric with complementing economical curtains.


Swags & Tails

For the ultimate impact add Swags & Tails to your window. Although considered quite traditional, the use of modern fabrics and trimmings brings them into the 21st Century.

Swags and tails look best on larger imposing windows as they make quite a statement. Designs can vary from one large swag with long tails to several smaller swags with short tails.

Usually Swags & Tails are fitted to a board; however it is possible to drape them over a pole for a softer look.

The depth and width of a Swag can be specific to your window and changing the proportions can create a very different look.



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